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Officers wear a similar uniform when attending court proceedings, this is usually the full service dress both during summer and winter. During ceremonial occasions, NSW Police Force College staff, New South Wales Police Force protocol and NSW Police Force field protocol officers generally wear a navy blue ceremonial tunic during official occasions such as attestation parades passing out parades , medal ceremonies and funerals etc.

Full-time protocol officers and members of the VIP cyclists are entitled to wear a black basketweave Sam Browne belt during ceremonial occasions. In line with the name change of the organisation back to "NSW Police Force", the current shoulder patch for uniform reads New South Wales Police Force, and has a redesigned and recoloured eagle. The dark navy blue trousers and mess jacket with cobalt blue cuffs, epaulettes with ranks and lapels clearly identify them as being members of the police.

Detectives wear plain clothes. Specialist tactical units such as the full-time Tactical Operations Unit and part-time regional State Protection Support Units are equipped with a variety of specialised firearms for their duties. Members have access to a fixed baton and Maglite rechargeable torch, which are usually located in all first response police vehicles for each officer "on the car". There is also access to high ballistic rated overt body armour in every vehicle as required.

TASER is also issued to some specialist squads e. Each TASER X26 issued to police includes an integrated camera to record all deployments of the device as well as any additional video while the device's safety is switched off.

This is due, for safety reasons, to the grip being the same as that used to hold the glock pistol. The majority of officers carry their equipment on a leather duty appointment belt.

In recent times, there has been a large movement within the police to implement changes in methods of equipment carry to relieve officers with back injuries. This has ranged from trials of lightweight nylon duty belts such as the shapeshifter "gel belt" , to thigh holsters for firearms and load bearing equipment vests. It is believed that the vests are effective in relieving officers of chronic back pain, as it takes most of the weight away from the waist and back area, and distributes it across the frontal area of the officer's torso.

In , a new load-bearing vest was introduced the Integrated Light Armour Vest ILAV that is level 2 ballistic rated and level 2 stab resistance rated which can be worn without armour and has the option of a hydration pack and a backpack. Each police officer is issued an identification metal badge with a Warrant Card. Behind the police badge, a member has a coloured plastic backing card which helps identify a member's rank in the force, namely:.

This colour-coding also occurs on a member's name plate. For administrative officers of all grades and Special Constables, their name plates are gold. Volunteers in Policing wear black nameplates. Civilian staff are not issued with badges; however, Special Constables and civilian forensic staff are issued with warrant cards. Everyone else such as plainclothes police officers is issued an Identification Certificate. NSW Police Force has the largest government fleet in Australia, with more than vehicles, on a lease basis.

Other specialist sections and units use a variety of police vehicles including Toyota Hi-Ace buses, Iveco prisoner vans, Mercedes Sprinter vans, Isuzu trucks, specialist rescue and bomb disposal vehicles, two Lenco BearCat armoured trucks and various Suzuki Jimmy Beach Buggies.

It provides services as: The current fleet is composed of eight aircraft — five helicopters and three fixed-wing aircraft:. On 6 June , the Commissioner, Andrew Scipione, announced the incorporation of a new helicopter to the fleet. It is planned that the Eurocopter EC design will replace the current single-engine models.

The fixed wing Cessna H aircraft, callsign Polair 6, [62] is primarily used for aerial speed enforcement along major freeways and highways in the State. The much larger Cessna Grand Caravan, callsign Polair 7, provides the police with a long-range heavy lift capability allowing for the transport of cargo, specialist equipment and personnel during extensive search and rescue incidents which is ideal for use in remote locations across the state.

Various other fixed-wing aircraft such as a leased Cessna have been used for major operations including the APEC Australia security operation. Police vessels and personnel are strategically located at important commercial and leisure ports with the base at Balmain on Sydney Harbour.

In January seven new "class 4" Rigid-hulled inflatable boat watercraft were rolled out across the state to Balmain, Botany Bay and broken Broken Bay. The primary function is to educate and train police officers from the newly recruited to the senior executive level. The latest aspect to the "proud traditions project" was the installation of the NSW Police Academy Peacekeeping display. The display features a range of memorabilia and photographs from peacekeeping missions which NSW Police Force members have contributed to.

The Academy has a constant stream of recruits. On 30 January the largest class of police recruits, numbering , in Australia were attested on the parade ground. In May , a further recruits were attested. Students are identified by a light blue hat band and light blue epaulettes with the word STUDENT in block capitals, as here as opposed to rank. Alternate entry pathways to police are available.

Both of these courses require the final portion to be completed at the Goulburn Police College, alongside common-entry recruits, for the practical components of policing education.

Charles Sturt University has a campus on the grounds of the Academy. The Mounted Police unit carries a swallowtailed navy blue and white pennant on lances, without the nemesis logo. The commissioner and the VIP cyclists have a nemesis logo on a light blue over white bicolour pennant on their transportation.

The pennant is swallowtailed. Recognition for the bravery and sacrifice of members of the New South Wales Police Force is expressed through honours and awards. New South Wales Police Force also has the distinction in having one of its members being awarded the highest civilian bravery award, namely the Cross of Valour.

In its history, only five people have been awarded that award, with a New South Wales Police Officer being the first Australian Police Officer to receive it.

On 3 May , the then Detective Senior Constable Sparkes rescued a boy trapped in a flooded underground storm water drain following record rainfalls at Coffs Harbour. This award is significant as the New South Wales Police Force is the only police force in the world to be permitted the Olympic Rings to be attached. It has been widely reported and accepted that the Sydney Olympics was the "Safest Games in modern Olympic history".

Police honours and awards are highly prized partly because they are only awarded to members in small numbers and are rarely issued to general duties police. The only award that was given out in large numbers was the Commissioner's Olympic Citation due to the massive contribution by all members of the force.

In peacekeeping operations, officers are seconded to the Australian Federal Police and take an oath or affirmation of the AFP. They are then appointed to the rank of senior sergeant, station sergeant, superintendent or commander.

Following their service, UN peacekeeping veterans are awarded the United Nations Medal for their particular mission. In addition, under the Australian system of honours and awards, police officers serving with peacekeeping organisations are awarded the Police Overseas Service Medal with the relevant clasp for the prescribed area of service.

As of , two clasps to that medal were awarded to members for operations in Cyprus and East Timor. Members were among the first Australian police sent to Cyprus in May as the first UN police contingent. The operation is ongoing. Members were subsequently withdrawn from Cyprus in , along with all other state and territory police following the Turkish invasion of Cyprus on 20 July During the invasion and preceding it the Australian police were subject to machine gun and mortar fire and Turkish air attack.

Some of their personal motor vehicles, motorcycles and personal items at that time were destroyed, lost or stolen. Fortunately, there was no loss of Australian lives at that time.

Australian police continued to negotiate between the invading Turkish army, other warring parties and escorted refugees to safety from both sides.

There have only been three female NSWP officers to serve. McCann was awarded the Commendation for Brave Conduct for his part in the rescue of vulnerable persons from a village in East Timor after it suffered major flooding. Gilpin was awarded the New South Wales Police Commendation courage for his part in protecting a member of the community who was being subjected to mob justice. He placed his body in front of the mob, who were armed with machettes and other weapons and managed to extract the victim to safety.

A total of soldiers and police gave their lives while serving with the UN in Cyprus. Due to the growing number of violent attacks in the state in , then president of the New South Wales Police Association , Bob Pritchard, commented on 7 January , that the state is "very short of police and that there is a need to increase the number of police officers throughout the state significantly".

In it was widely reported that "NSW now has the lowest number of police officers compared to population of any major state in Australia.

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